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SB Electric Centrifugal Drum Pump - Fixed Speed Model

SB electric barrel pump is a vertical portable pump suitable for 200L, 220L container/barrels, and other standard barrels. Pump can be made of PP, stainless steel and aluminum alloy, and impeller made of PP and stainless steel. Motor can be normal one or explosion proof one. It is an ideal pump for oil, water, chemical and beverage. Product application: Can be used as an ideal pump for oil stock, oil barrel. Also it is widely used in chemical industry, petrochemical industry, fine chemical engineering, dyeing chemical industry, environmental protection, water treatment, pharmacy, food industry, etc. It's also a wonderful tool to pump gasoline, kerosene, diesel or light fuel oil in small or medium oil field, oil depot, refinery plants, oil station, farm machinery station, motorcade and ships.