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HS High Viscosity Screw Drum Pump Barrel Pump

HS high viscosity screw barrel pump is one of the advanced barrel pumps developed by RONDA company. It is designed to pumping high viscosity medium through extruding of high-precision stator and rotor. Ordinary low precision stator and rotor is very easy to get stuck, such pump only has the shape of the screw drum pump, performance is not up to.Currently, Ronda is one of the few manufacturers in the mainland market that can manufacture high precision stators and rotors. Our technology fills the gap in the drum pump pumping of high viscosity liquids. Our products have a very low failure rate, and there is no problem pumping high viscosity liquids up to 100000cps.

Working Principle: Single screw, progressive cavity
Max. permissible fluid temperature: 80(176)
Casing parts material: SS316
Maximum viscosity: 100000CPS
Maximum drving rating: 1100W
Caliber: 51mm(2"Inlet)/25mm(1"Outlet)
Maximum pressure: 6Bar(0.6Mpa)
Flow rate range: 0~60L/min (0-15.9US.GPM)
Main application: Food, chemical, colloid, honey, etc.