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YTB-40 DC12V/24V Mechanical metrology electric oil pump asse

YTB electric oil pump assembly YTB series of electric oil pump assembly applies to the oil refueling of vehicle, oil depot, work site, farm and other field working. The melting point of oil should be ≤55°C(131°F). YTB barrel oil pump is made up of motor, oil pump & flow meter. It's portable, reliable, easy to operate & maintain, and could display fueling volume of once operating and total. Data can be reset by hand wheel after every fueling. Standard layout: motor, oil suction pump (with inner spill valve), flow meter of 4 digits, 4 meters of rubber tube & ordinary nozzle. Tips: the assembly doesn't include the fuel sucking pipe. We could provide 2M(6.6ft) oil sucking pipe if you need, as well the self-styled oil gun or filterable check valve.

Working principle: Vane
Pump body material: Cast iron
Max. medium temperature: 55℃
Flow rate: 0 - 40L/min
Suction: 3m
Head 15m
Caliber: 1"
Motor power: 150W 
Motor specification: DC 12V or 24V
Main application: Diesel oil, Kerosene, etv
Standard layout: AC Oil pump, FM-120L mechanical flow meter, 4 meters of rubber tube,
ordinary nozzle.
Tips: Sucking pipe, automatic nozzle, filterable check valve
Maximum capacity 40L/min(10.6US.GPM)
Power DC12V or 24V
Measuring accuracy ±1.0%
Suction 3m
Head 15m
Caliber 1"
Tube and oil gun Selected by the customer
Weight 15kg
Main application Diesel oil, kerosene, light oil, etc