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RD-PD  portable submersible diesel oil/water pump

RD-PD portable submersible diesel oil/water pump

RD-PD 12V/24V portable submersible diesel oil/water pump is with stable performance. With the advantages of full sealed, insulating, small and light, it's easy to carry and install. This pump is made for device or machine which is field working and inconvenient to refuel, it is widely used in oil and water supply systems. This pump should not work continuously in longtime. It is without brushless motor, and which should be air cooled after 60minitues run. Pump is special designed for wild application which is hard to get AC power in field. Pump works for diesel, coal oil, water, etc. Forbidden working for gasoline, alcohol.

Working principle: Impeller
Pump body material: Cast iron
Max. medium temperature: 60℃
Flow rate: 0 - 25L/min
Max. Head: 3m
Caliber: 20mm hose
Motor power: 96W - 110W
Motor specification: DC 12V or 24V
Main application Diesel oil, Kerosene, Water, etc
Model RDPD-12 RDPD-24
Voltage DC 12V DC24V
Max. current 8A 5A
Power 96W(0.13HP) 110W(0.15HP)
Head 3m(9.84ft) 3m(9.84ft)
Capacity 25L/min(6.6US.GPM) 25L/min(6.6US.GPM)
Temperature 60°C(140°F)
Outlet diameter 19mm(3/4inch)
Dimension 50×50×180mm
Main application Diesel oil, kerosene, water