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RD-DC  submersible water pump

RD-DC submersible water pump

RD-DC12v/24v/48v is a submersible pump with stainless steel casing. Performance is stable. It has less power cost, larger flow and great anticorrosion ability. It's compact, novelty, advanced, light & durable and easy to repair. DC 12V, 24V submersible pump with matched power supply is a wonderful water pump for all the drainage of shipping, aquaculture, graziery, and industrial & mineral industry.

Working principle: Impeller
Pump body material: Cast iron
Max. medium temperature: 50℃
Flow rate:  0 - 10m3/h
Max. Head: 14m
Caliber: 1"(25mm)
Motor power: 120W - 150W
Motor specification: DC 12V or 24V or 48V 
Main application Water, Swimming pool, Garden
Model RD-DC12 RD-DC24 RD-DC48
Voltage DC12V DC24V DC48V
Power 120W(0.16HP) 120W(0.16HP) 150W(0.20HP)
Caliber 25mm( 1") 25mm( 1") 25mm( 1")
Capacity 6m3/h
Max. head 7m(23ft) 12m(39.4ft) 14m(45.9ft)
Casing parts material Cast iron
Temperature 50℃(104℉)
Main applications Water