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YTB-EX AC220V explosion proof electric oil transfer pump ass

YTB-EX AC220V explosion proof electric oil transfer pump ass

YTB-EX barrel pump is designed with the principle of vane pump. It's installed one-phase explosion-proof motor, cast-iron casing with anticorrosive coating, inner 60 micron strainer, inner spilling valve and 1″ threaded connector. Pump is easy to operate & clean and could work continuously. It is popular in plants or motorcade to pump diesel, kerosene & gasoline.

Working principle: Vane
Pump body material: Cast iron
Max. medium temperature: 60℃
Flow rate: 0 - 60L/min
Suction: 2m
Max. working pressure 0.3Mpa (3Bar)
Caliber: 3/4" (20mm hose)
Motor power: 370W  2.6A
Motor specification: 220V±10%  single phase 50/60Hz
Explosion-proof class: ExdⅡ BT3
Main application: Gasoline, Diesel oil, Kerosene
Standard layout: Oil pump, Electronic flow meter, 4 meters of rubber tube,
ordinary nozzle.
Tips: Sucking pipe, automatic nozzle, filterable check valve
Maximum capacity 60L/min(15.8US.GPM)
Power 220V±10%  50Hz
0.37KW(0.5HP)  2.6A
Revolving speed 2800r/min
Noise ≤70dB(A)
Measuring accuracy ±1.0%
Vacuum 0.02MPa(0.2Bar)
Max. working pressure 0.3MPa(3Bar)
Caliber 3/4"(Inch)
Tube and oil gun Selected by the customer
Weight 15kg
Type of explosion-proof ExdⅡ BT3
Main application Diesel oil, kerosene, gasoline